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Ben Henderson
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United Kingdom
The name is Ben! Or Benjamin William Henderson if you prefer the long version... (Please don't use the long version.) I'm a student soon to be studying at the University of Huddersfield, studying Graphic Design! :) I'm an optimistic, loyal, Nintendo-loving, graphic designing, photographing and dedicated friend! <3 And I'm GAY too! :3

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  • Mood: Rant
  • Listening to: Lily Allen - Sheezus
I've been at university for 7 months know and my expectations are kind of a mixed bag.

The good side is that I'm loving the work that I'm producing for my first year, it's exceeding the standards of quality compared to last years work back in Art Foundation. I'm making many great friends here, from my course, my housemates and even the LGBT socials that I go to every week. Plus I'm handling money surprisingly well considering I'm a student, well... a student that only goes out once a week most of the time.
The bad side of it is the teachers of my course... they're not brilliant. Although, yes, there are some teachers on the course that are really helpful like John Kelly and Tracy Lannon, that is unfortunately shot down by the shoddy, unethusiastic teaching of the rest of the staff. For example, my first lesson on a Monday mornings are tutorials on software like Adobe AfterEffects and Cinema 4D, but what this guy does is he makes YouTube videos from the comfort of his own home and he tells us to watch them. I'M SORRY, BUT WE'VE PAYED HOW MUCH A YEAR FOR THIS?! For something that we can watch in our own god damn time?! Another bad thing is that communication between staff and students is AWFUL, they barely tell us anything! They give us very little warning about formative assessments, what to include in projects, what to post on our WordPress blogs, that we're supposed to learn how to use Adobe InDesign like *clicks* that! Not to mention that one teacher tells you to do one thing to your project, and then another tells you to do the exact opposite.
On a side note, the fact that I go back to Manchester every other weekend to work at my part-time job kind of cuts away from the experience, because half the time when I'm going back home for the weekend there's always BIG plans that people are doing without me.

*Sigh* So you can see why I've always shut teachers out, they know just to leave me alone and let me get on with my work in my own way. It's what I've been doing ever since graphic design GCSE back in high school. You can understand why I'm feeling unmotivated at the moment, but when I actually get some work done and finish it, it's some pretty damn good work in my opinion. Sure, it's no way near as good compared to Ben Henderson VS. The Champions or my life-size self portrait from Art Foundation, nor have I been NO WAY NEAR as motivated compared to last year in Art Foundation. BUT HEY, things will pick up in my second year, with much more commercial (and less broad) briefs from actual companies, as well as looking for a placement for my placement year! :)

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